XIAOMI Yunmi AI smart door lock eLink 2C evaluation report


The family has been using the fingerprint lock that I bought on Taobao for 18 years. Although there is no major problem, I have encountered many problems in the fingerprint recognition. It may be the problem of the old fingerprint recognition ability. The fingerprint recognition rate of the fingerprints of the elderly and children is very low. , Generally, we use IC cards to open the door. When the child started to go to school, the spare cards in the school bag for her have lost several cards. Taobao needs 20 IC cards to replace the matching IC card. I think it is better to replace it directly Compared with the old optical fingerprint lock, the semiconductor fingerprint lock with a stronger recognition rate has a higher cost, a higher recognition rate, and is more convenient for the elderly and children to use. Since there are more Mijia ecological chain products used at home, so In the Mijia family, Yunmi’s new AI smart door lock eLink 2C is selected. It is connected through a Bluetooth gateway and uses a semiconductor fingerprint collector. At the same time, it can be connected to the Mijia APP to link with other products in the home.
The packaging box of Yunmi AI smart door lock eLink 2C is made of corrugated paper. There is an icon of the door lock on the box, and there is a logo supporting the Mijia ecological chain in the lower left corner. The main selling points include Bluetooth distribution network, electronic doorbell and Multiple security protections, etc.

Fully automatic unlocking and door opening experience – Yunmi AI smart door lock eLink 2C evaluation report


After unpacking, you can see that the Yunmi AI smart door lock eLink 2C adopts a double-layered design. The upper layer is the accessories and the standard lock body, and the lower layer is the front and rear panels of the smart door lock. It can be seen that this layered storage and foam positioning can maintain the integrity and quality of the door lock during transportation, reducing failure.

Fully automatic unlocking and door opening experience – Yunmi AI smart door lock eLink 2C evaluation report

Let’s take a look at the family portrait of the whole set of door locks, including the front and rear panels of the smart door lock, batteries, accessories packages, manuals, IC cards (2), lock cylinders, emergency keys, lock bodies and other accessories.


The overall appearance of Yunmi AI smart door lock eLink 2C looks quite high-end, and its all-black color matching is also versatile, which can adapt to various anti-theft door color matching.


A glass panel is used on the top of the front panel. The icons on the top are the home mode button, IC card recognition area, doorbell, lock button and Yunmi’s official logo. The digital button area is concentrated on the glass panel.


In terms of battery, the manufacturer is equipped with a large-capacity lithium battery of 5000mAh. The battery needs to be charged through the MicroUSB interface. The lithium battery of this capacity can theoretically continue to work for a long time.


Yunmi AI smart door lock eLink 2C evaluation report


The battery needs to be installed above the rear door panel, and the reset button is also designed here. If you encounter problems, you can reset the fingerprint lock indoors and re-initialize the settings.


If you encounter an emergency and the battery is exhausted, you can open this position on the front panel and use the standard TYPE-C to charge the smart door lock and open it.


If you encounter extreme situations, you need an emergency key to unlock, you can refer to the above picture to operate.


The fingerprint recognition area is located on the inside of the handle on the front panel. It uses semiconductor fingerprint recognition. The official announcement is close to the unlocking speed of a smartphone, and the misrecognition rate is only 0.001%. I will test the specific usage later.


The factory defaults to ship a 24*240 standard lock body. Since I use a Bawang lock body, after confirming with the customer service, the manufacturer is equipped with a Bawang lock body. Before replacing the door lock, be sure to confirm the lock body of your home with the customer service. , to avoid problems in subsequent installations, which can greatly reduce unnecessary troubles.


The manufacturer adopts the C-level lock cylinder with the highest security level. Since it is designed separately from the panel, even if the panel is maliciously damaged, the lock cylinder cannot be damaged. Compared with the panel-integrated fingerprint lock, the security is significantly improved.

Yunmi official provides free door-to-door installation service. Make an appointment by scanning the QR code of the official appointment. After filling in the original door lock situation and some basic information, the installer will make an appointment for the installation time in advance for door-to-door service.


Originally, I thought if I could install it myself and try it out, but after asking the customer service, it was suggested that there may be cutting modifications, etc., it would be more appropriate to let the installer do the door-to-door service. Later, during the installation, I found that there is indeed a need to use an angle grinder and a door panel. Small area expansion.


It took less than 20 minutes to complete the installation and debugging before and after the master. The service attitude was also very good. After the installation was completed, he enthusiastically taught me how to set up the APP.




Door lock experience






After the door lock is opened, the lock tongue can be recovered and the door can be opened directly, and the opening response speed is very fast.


If there is a Tiandi lock, remember to note when purchasing, the manufacturer will send a lock body that fits the Tiandi hook to increase the anti-theft ability of the door.

Fingerprint unlock



Fingerprint unlocking requires the user’s fingerprint entry settings through administrator rights, and supports up to 25 fingerprints input. This smart lock uses a semiconductor fingerprint collector, and the fingerprint collection and entry process is relatively fast.


In order to test the sensitivity of fingerprint recognition, I let my eldest daughter experience it and found that the recognition effect is quite sensitive. Generally, fingerprint locks are very unfriendly to the elderly and children, and the recognition failure often occurs. Of course, just in case, the elderly and children should also be equipped with simple and easy-to-remember passwords or IC cards.
door card unlock

The official presented two IC door cards. After completing the card writing settings, you can directly place them on the IC identification icon on the glass panel to complete the unlocking.
password unlock


Password unlocking can be divided into default password unlocking and temporary password unlocking. Similar to fingerprint recognition, the door lock supports the storage and use of 25 sets of passwords, and can set their commonly used unlock passwords for each home user.
mobile phone bluetooth unlock

Of course, in addition to the traditional fingerprint, password and door card unlocking, the official also supports APP unlocking. After opening the APP mobile phone and connecting the door lock through Bluetooth, click to unlock the door to unlock it, which is also very convenient.
automatic locking


For the safety of daily use, after opening the door, the door lock will automatically lock and close in about 10 seconds. If you do not need to enable this function, you can also select CLOSE on the glass panel to manually lock.
Manual lock

When indoors, the lock body and the heaven and earth hook can be opened and closed through the linkage of the two close and open keys at the bottom of the rear panel. By default, these two keys are three-stage locked or open, and the switch response is very fast.
APP experience
first binding


Directly use the Mijia APP to bind and use. After the binding is completed, you can input and bind the fingerprint and password of the home user through the APP.
door open reminder

Through the APP, you can accurately query the door lock log, check the daily door opening time and door opening method, including the alarm record of multiple input wrong passwords, etc.
Mijia linkage


If there are many Mijia ecological chain products in the family, you can make linkage settings through the APP. For example, after closing the door, start the camera connected to Mijia, the sweeper or mopping machine at home, etc. to work, and then turn off the camera after returning to the door to protect privacy. and other intelligent linkages.

Compared with the fingerprint locks originally used at home, the advantages of Yunmi AI smart door lock eLink 2C are obvious. First of all, the opening methods are more abundant. In addition to the default fingerprint, IC card and password, it also supports Bluetooth unlocking and one-time unlocking. Password unlocking has more applicable scenarios. Secondly, the most critical fingerprint recognition function has greatly improved the recognition rate compared to the old fingerprint locks. Now the children and the elderly at home have already entered fingerprints, and the recognition response effect is very obvious; separate locks The body design is also more secure than the original one-piece lock body design; finally, the management of the APP and the log reminder are very convenient, and the Mijia intelligent interconnection function can try more furniture ecological chain linkage experience.

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