Simple Guide On How To Make The Most Out Of Your Iphone

You don’t have heard about all of the great things that iPhones can do. If you own or are thinking about buying an iphone, the piece below is a great resource for information about its true capabilities.

If your iPhone has accidentally gotten wet, rice can be used to help it dry. It is common to drop the phone in a water puddle, the toilet or something wet. A hair dryer can actually damage your phone further so to avoid this, fill a ziploc bag with dry rice and put your phone into it. It should be dried out after several hours or overnight.

Save your valuable battery power by reducing the brightness on your iphone. Go to the settings portion of your iphone to alter the brightness level.

Once you know how the volume button can be used to take a photo, try using the headphone cord to snap a picture. Hold the phone steady and press the button on the cord. When you do this, you ensure that the device is not shaken. As a result, your image will appear much more crisp and clear.

Siri can now let you to set location-based reminders. You don’t have to tell Siri to remind you to call your work at 5pm. You can tell Siri to remind you to do something when you reach a certain location like home. The iphone will automatically know you reach home and remind you to perform your task. You can remind yourself even if you’re not sure when you’re getting back home.

Siri allows you to set reminders based on your location. Instead of saying “Siri, remind me to call work at five.” Instead, you can say “Remind me when I get back home to call work, Siri.” The phone will then detect when you are home and remind you of your call. You’ll be able to use reminders more effectively by making them location-based instead of time-based.

Say you are surfing for local dry cleaners. When you find the number, you don’t have to go back to the phone menu to call. Just tap on the number and you will be instantly connected to the business immediately.

Keep in mind you don’t have to always need to press X each time AutoCorrect pops up to suggest a correction. Instead, you can simply tap anywhere on your phone’s screen. This is the fastest way of closing the suggestion box.

Screen Protector

Use multimedia to maximize your iPhone’s capabilities. You can download or stream videos, films, television shows and more from hundreds of different websites. Your iPhone can be an extremely powerful portable media station.

Buy a screen protector to use on your phone. Without a screen protector, the phone is sure to get scratched and dinged. Even a tiny pieces of dirt on your pocket will scratch the screen.

If you are going to email someone or send them a note, there are suggested words that make this process easy. If you do not want to use this feature, it is simple to close it. Just tap on your screen where ever you want and the box should close.

You can increase your messaging speed using this tip. You can dismiss dictionary word by tapping elsewhere on your screen. You don’t have to tap the “x” provided by the word.

Your iPhone has the capability of showing previews of incoming messages when your screen is locked. For some this is great, but others do not like it. If this annoys you, you should know that you can turn this feature off. To disable this feature, open the message notifications under the Settings menu. The option to select is Show Preview; you can then turn off this feature.

Are there special characters such as umlauts or accented letters you wish to include in your texts? A pop-up box is supposed to appear with some extra keys. This will allow you type with fancier letters and you want!

Make sure your iPhone is using the latest updates. Because of the fact that iPhones are now almost equivalent to a laptop there are many things that can go wrong that need to be fixed. These updates are especially important if you use your phone to send personal information online.

The iphone will show previews of incoming text messages on the main lock screen. You may find this annoying rather than convenient. You then want to disable the “Show Preview” feature.

When using Safari on your phone, you do not need to type in “.com” to reach a website. If you wanted to visit the Target’s website for example, you need only type Target in the address bar and you should be directed to the site.

You can get screenshots with the iphone. Simply press the Home and Sleep buttons simultaneously when you at the screen you want an image of.Your screenshot is saved when your screen turns white momentarily.

If you have gotten your iPhone wet, don’t immediately try to turn it on. Do what you can to dry off the outside and then let the moisture inside have overnight to dry out. Turning on a wet phone is likely to short-circuit it, ruining it permanently.

If you locate a photo that you want to hang onto while browsing, simply tap it and hold it. The context menu allows you save the picture directly to your Camera Roll. You can even copy the photo into a message.

There is also a great time-based feature on the iPhone which allows you to set time reminders like when to cook dinner. Also, you can set reminders that are based on locations as well. You might say something like, “Remind me to go to the gas station on the way to pick up the kids.” You can use a variety of different reminder types with your iPhone.

Functionality Issues

While the iPhone is one of the most useful and innovative devices out there, some people become frustrated while trying to scroll through long websites. Fortunately, it’s not necessary to do this. If you tap the status bar near the top of the screen, you will go right back to the beginning of the page. This is helpful for long lists too like they have on the iTunes store.

Always keep your OS is upgraded to the most recent version. Apple iPhones have now almost become as intricate as computers, so there exists sporadic patches to repair functionality issues, security holes and functionality issues. This updating is critical if any personal information is accessed online using your phone.

Access Facebook from your iPhone. Not everyone knows yet that Facebook and other social networks are accessible from the iPhone.

Turn keyboard clicks on by going to the sounds setting for your phone if you wish to hear clicks as you type on the keyboard. This will let you limit the number of mistakes you make when typing.

You can instantly capture a screenshot with your iPhone. Just hold the power and home button at the same time. Just make sure you are holding them briefly as pressing them too long causes other undesirable effects. By doing this, you will capture a snapshot of what is currently on your display, which will automatically be sent to your Images app on the phone.

Be choosy when it comes to picking apps you download to your phone. Some applications engage in unscrupulous data mining practices or charge hidden fees.

Tap cancel to save an email message. A window will pop up asking what you’d like to do–Save, Don’t Save, or Cancel. If you hit Save, your message is saved under Drafts. If you don’t have a Drafts folder, it will create one following this selection.

Think about buying a battery management. They also have the ability to let you know when a battery calibration is necessary, letting you keep the battery healthy.

You can use your iPhone to send valued pictures to all of your friends and/or family. Thare are two easy ways to get this done. First, you can save the image and then add it as an attachment to an email, or you can go to your Facebook application and upload it there for everyone to see.

If you’re unable to finish your email and want to save it, tap on cancel instead of closing your email app. The device will ask if you would like to save a draft of the message. This allows you to finish up your email when you have something to do.

Are you accident prone? If so, then you should immediately put your iPhone into a case. You can actually shatter the glass on the iPhone’s front if you drop it without proper protection. A case can’t protect your phone from every danger, but keeping it in one will reduce the chance that it will be damaged or destroyed.

You can instantly with the touch of two buttons on the iphone. Simply press Home and Power at the same time. This takes the snapshots of your phone’s current display and directly forwards it to the Images area for you.

The iPhone’s versatility is one of its best things. For example, the BlinqTV app can turn your iPhone into a remote control. Then, you are able to control certain electronic items like TVs, amplifiers, and DVD players. Give yourself reminders about programs you want to remember and set alerts with other iPhone options.

The iphone offers an extremely useful dictionary that is quite comprehensive. This can be used as a point of reference in nearly any app. Simply hold your finger down on a particular word and choose “Define” when the options bar appears.

It can be tough to scroll through websites on a small iPhone window. You might just discover that you are instead scrolling through the overall website instead of the smaller frame. One of the things that you can do is to zoom on the page. After that, use two fingers to scroll along your list.

Use the social media on your iphone. You can update your friends very quick with Facebook and Twitter from the iphone. Get the latest buzz and news with these apps so you are always aware of what is going on.

Have you ever needed to back up the contacts on your iPhone? There is an app known as iDrive Lite; it will help you backup your contacts. If you have updated your software to 2.0, this application is free.

Hold the home button for several (at least 5) seconds if your iphone is frozen. Doing so will shut down any frozen apps and let you use your phone to reboot. If this technique does not work, try holding the Home button and power consecutively for 12 seconds. Only use the second method when the event that the first one isn’t working.

Do you want to have a unique alert tone for your messages or calls? Alert tones are easily customized when you know how. Just click under the “Settings” section and go to the “Sounds” option. There, you can choose the alert which you want to sound different. This is where you will find an option that says “Buy more tones.” Just don’t get too carried away!

Do you tend to text the same people? Save these numbers in “favorites.”You can use your lists of recent calls and favorites list. Simply tap the arrow next to the contact and select either call or text. This is one good way to see what someone wanted if you missed their call.

Use your phone as often as possible. The more you play with it, the better you will understand it. Of course, it will take some time to fully get to know your phone, but the effort will be worth it, and it can even be fun.

You probably learned something new about the iPhone’s capabilities now that you’ve read this article. Take what you have learned and go forward!

Use your iPhone in tandem with your computer’s time management system. This allows you to check out any appointments through your phone rather than pulling them up through your computer. If you have a lot of important events for school or work, this can be a very beneficial function.

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