Tips, Tricks, And Techniques To Get The Most From Your Iphone.

There are good and bad points about owning the iphone. The phone can be absolutely mind boggling.

When in Safari, you can easily make phone calls with just one tap. Perhaps you are searching for a local grocery store. You don’t have to shut down your browser when you locate the contact info that you need. Just tapping the number will connect you to the business that you want to call.

Get a keyboard that is bigger in order to browse easier with your phone’s Internet capabilities. The iphone has the capability to provide you with a bigger keyboard already built in.Simply turn your iphone sideways and press the address bar.

Buy a screen protector to use on your iPhone. Without it, the phone is likely to sustain damage from every day use. Scratches can appear from just a small speck of dust on your finger. Keep the protector on the phone at all times to keep the screen in good condition.

You don’t have to append “.com” when typing web addresses while you are browsing.

Your iPhone can help you get from one place to another. You can use the map feature as your GPS to find locations or amenities along your route. Use bookmarks to mark your favorite locations or your home.

It is possible to create an application from your commonly used sites. Tap “Go” once you have the site loaded in your browser. This gives you the option to add this site on your home screen.

Did you know that any website you visit can be made into an app? First, simply visit the site. Once there, simply tap on the “Go” button. An option to add the website onto the home screen will appear. On your home screen, you can then rename the page to whatever you’d like it to be.

A great tip to implement when using the iphone is to save pictures from your browser. Simply tap the picture and hold your finger there for two or three seconds. A menu will appear giving you an option to save.

Instead of trying to remember what a webpage or email said, you can save an image from on of them. Just hold the image you want for a moment. A pop up should appear, giving you the choice to save that image.

You can easily message much faster using this method. You can dismiss a suggested word by tapping the screen. You do not have to press the x displayed next to the word to dismiss it.

Hitting the “X” button when the AutoCorrect suggestion box comes up is not necessary. To eliminate this alteration, tap anywhere else on the screen. The suggestion box will close, allowing you to continue typing your message.

Use multimedia features on your iPhone’s capabilities.

If you are writing anything on the iPhone and do not want to use the predictive text feature, the suggestion box can be dismissed without touching the “X.” You can actually tap your finger anywhere within the screen to dismiss the box.

Are you having second thoughts about the latest missive you have put in iMessage? Did Auto Correct change the meaning yet again? There is a very easy way to fix the damage: simply shake your iphone. This feature will undo recent typing. Go to your Settings and make sure this function is enabled.

If you are concerned with privacy, consider limiting how much you say to Siri. Apple uses an internal server to hold and store the things you say to Siri. This is done to aid speech recognition and secure those files, but keep in mind that anything said to Siri can be recorded.

If you’re sending an email and you do not wish to use the words that your iphone suggests, forget about using the “x” to get rid of them. You can eliminate the screen to dismiss the box.

Your iPhone can take pictures without needing to be shaken. Your headphone’s volume controls can be used for taking photos. Steady your hand while focusing on what you want to capture. When you have your subject ready, just press the button on your headphone cord.

If you are concerned about privacy when using Siri, you may want to rethink using Siri often if you want to protect your privacy. Apple will record any prompts you make to Siri and puts them internally. This is to further develop the program’s speech recognition capability, and even though they try to secure these files, your discussions with Siri may be saved.

You can choose your own ringtones if you have an iPhone. Don’t blend into the crowd with boring, standard ringtones. Use a snippet from a favorite song or an amusing sound byte. This is a surefire way to get other people’s attention.

If you would like to save a picture, simply press and hold it. The popup menu that pops up will let you save the picture directly to your Camera Roll. You can also copy it to a message.

Be choosy when it comes to picking apps for your phone. There are many apps available and prices vary a lot while some apps are completely free. Some will give you hidden charges, which could cost you a lot of money over time.

Sleep/wake Button

It’s possible to take iPhone photos using only one hand. Frame the picture you want to take and push the raise volume button. You will find that the quality of your pictures are just as high as if they were taken the traditional way.

If your iphone freezes up and cannot be revived by pressing Sleep/Wake button, you can simply force a hard reset. Hold down the Sleep/Wake button while you are pressing the Home key at the same time. The phone will shutdown and restores itself.

Marking emails as unread is easy with an iPhone. Go to the “details” screen. Click on “unread.” Then relaunch your email reader app. You’ll see that the email is now listed as unread.

The Calendar on the iphone is a wonderful functional tool to help you get organized. You can make it more efficient by directly adding your events instead of always using the + button. When you’re in the “Day” view, simply by tapping any hour and holding it on there will bring about a new event during that time period. Fast scheduling will free up more of time.

If you are writing an e-mail, but don’t have the time to finish, cancel it instead of closing the app. The iPhone will give you the option of saving a draft of your unfinished email. Selecting the yes option entitles you to return to the draft folder at a later time.

Tap the bar on the top of the page. You can also use this on any long lists (such as your music library).

There are a number of ways you can scroll through your iPhone’s contact list. Finger scroll through the list, tap on a letter from the alphabet list or press on the list to scroll. The third option will let you scroll rapidly through your entire list.

You have the ability to capture a quick screenshot with your iphone. Simply do a quick press of your Home button and Power at the same time. This will allow you to take a screenshot of the current display and save it to your iphone.

Text the same few people? You can easily save these text numbers in the favorites area. It might seem like a simple tip, but some people do not implement it. By doing so, you can save a lot of time with the people you call and text the most. Press the arrow right next to a contact’s name and then choose text message. This is a great shortcut to get in touch with people whose calls you have missed or whom you contact most often.

One of the great features of your iphone is quite an extensive dictionary incorporated into the iOS.This can be used as a point of reference in nearly any app. Simply hold your finger down on any word and choose “Define” from the options that appears.

It is vital to use a protective case to store your iPhone, especially if you have a tendency to drop things. If you drop your phone without a case on, you are very likely to shatter the iPhone’s glass. A case may not offer 100% protection for your phone, but using one can increase the likelihood that your phone will still work after an inevitable slip from your grasp.

Hold the Home button for several (at least 5) seconds if your iphone is frozen. This should reset your iphone. If that fails, hold Power and Home together for about twelve to fifteen seconds. Only used the second method for rebooting your phone if the first method results in failure.

Use great care when handling your iPhone’s connector cord because this is delicate and can be damaged easily. You should gently disconnect your USB or AC plugs. If you care for your cords properly, they can last for well over a year.

Do not allow your phone to be in places where it will be subject to extreme temperatures if possible. Do not take your phone into low temperate and protect it with a case if it is very cold outside.

Do you want to have a unique alert tone for your messages or calls? Make your tone as individual as you are with this simple trick. Go to the ‘settings’ menu and select ‘sounds.’ Choose the alert whose tone you want to change. Next select the Buy More option.

Do you often send text certain individuals frequently? Save their numbers in your favorites. You can directly message someone from your recent calls and favorites to text and call people. Simply press the arrow next to the contact and choose text message. This makes it simpler and faster to get in touch with those whose calls you’ve missed or texts.

You can take great quality pictures with the camera on your iPhone. You can take a lot of pictures using your iPhone. You only need to download them into your computer files, and the amount of pictures you can take is unlimited. It’s pointless to spend money on buying a digital camera if you already have an iPhone.

If you have a habit of dropping phones, do yourself a favor and buy an iphone case immediately. Your iphone will break if you drop it without some sort of case protection on. Although no case is indestructible, it is an extra line of defense in case you happen to drop your phone.

Spend some time reviewing the tutorials that Apple offers to discover all the functionality of your iPhone. This can give you a simplified way of doing something that takes a long time to figure out. Make use of this article whenever you are confused about something. If you do, your phone is certain to meet all your needs.

Do not expose your iphone device to the hot sun for too long. The electronics of the phone are not designed to withstand extreme heat and can be damaged from direct sunlight.

When you are not using them, shut down any radio feeds on your iPhone. If they aren’t turned off, these wireless radio functions drain power from your battery and increase the amount of times it will have to be recharged. Wireless radios may include GPS, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth. Anytime these functions aren’t in use, turn them off.

It can be quite confusing if all of your accounts that are named the same name. So double check what email you are using when you are looking for; give each account a unique name.

Use your time wisely by learning the text-related shortcuts on your iPhone. You probably already know that double-tapping on a particular word will automatically select it. The same can be done for entire paragraphs. Pushing four times highlights the entire paragraph; that saves quite a bit of time if you need to paste the information somewhere!

You can customize the icons that are displayed on the iphone screen’s bottom while listening to music. Tap the settings button and then “add more icons”. You can then create multiple icons to have quick access to your favorite tunes through these icons.

Take pictures with the volume button on the headset instead of using a button on your iPhone. By using this button, you can avoid shaking and moving the phone. The headset’s length also allows you to take a picture of yourself without holding the camera.

If you own an iphone, you are at least mildly aware of the million things it can offer you. However, it’s easy to miss out on the device’s benefits if you don’t know what you’re doing. Utilize the knowledge you’ve just learned so that you can completely maximize your iPhone’s use.

If you want weather reports every hour, you can go right to your iPhone’s Weather application. A number of people have no idea that you can just click on your weather report and see hour by hour weather predictions for 12 hours. Also, you can just ask the phone for the weather forecast for just a few hours in the future.

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