Iphone Advice For The Curious User

What are iphone apps and what can it do for your experience using the phone? The following article will answer that question and give you information to make it much easier to use apps to get the most from your iphone. You may even find it makes your life becomes much simpler with an iphone.

Uncooked rice can be used to help dry an iPhone that has gotten wet. Even the most careful person can drop their phone into the toilet or a water puddle. Towel dry your phone and put it in a baggie filled with rice. By leaving it in here for a few hours or, more preferably, overnight, you should have a dry, working iPhone.

Say that you are searching the web for a nearby dry cleaners. When you locate the number you were looking for, you don’t have to go back to the phone menu to call. Just press the number; you will be instantly connected to the place you want to contact.

Make sure your phone is updated whenever new updates are available. By updating your phone regularly, you’ll ensure that you’ll have the most up to date version on the operating system, including security patches and new features. Updates also allow you to save your photos and important files to your computer.

You can make an app out of any site that you visit frequently. Tap “Go” once you have the site loaded in your browser. This gives you the ability to put this site to your home screen.

Getting a larger keyboard will make it easier to browse the web with your iPhone. Fortunately, there is no need to purchase a keyboard. The iPhone has a feature that allows you to rotate the phone, open Safari and have instant access to a more user friendly keyboard. This will give you access to a larger keyboard to help make your typing a breeze.

The iphone has a nifty little feature where you come up with your own shortcuts and dictionary. You can use these shortcuts when using the dictation function of your phone transcribe what you say out loud.You can add your own phrases and shortcuts to save yourself time. The AutoCorrect feature can also automatically corrects your typing as you go.

You can now set location-based reminders through Siri. It used to be that reminders needed to be worded using a specific time, for example “Siri, remind me at five to call work.” You now say “Siri, please remind me when I arrive home to phone work.” Then, when the phone detects you’re at home, it will remind you to call work. Because our schedules often change unexpectedly, this can be a nice way to stay organized.

The default setting for your iphone will show you a preview of incoming messages on the main lock screen. You might find this handy or annoying.The feature you want to disable is called Show Preview option.

Though many people use their iPhone for surfing the web or email, many are not aware of how easy saving images from these can be. Just touch and hold the image you want to save. A box pops up with the save option.

You can enable your iphone visually indicate incoming messages and calls. Access the settings menu, and then tapping on “general” then “accessibility”.Then all you do is turn on the alert feature titled LED Flash Alerts.

You do not have to hit the “X” button at the end of each word that the AutoCorrect feature is trying to correct for you. To eliminate this alteration, tap anywhere else on the screen. This will close the suggestion box for you, which is a much faster method.

Don’t waste time using suggested words when you are typing. Doing this means that you having to hit ‘x’ after each and every word.

The iPhone gives you the flexibility of being able to capture a picture directly from the cord your headphones. First, set up the picture you wish to snap. When you are ready to take the photograph, press on the cord’s button. This will process the photograph for you. You can save the picture by following the same steps you would normally.

You probably already know that you can set reminders based on time reminders. You can say “remind me to go to the store after work. You can use the iphone to remind you of reminders when it comes to iPhones.

Speed up your messaging with this trick. If the dictionary has provided you with a work you do not like, just tap anywhere on your phone’s screen to get rid of it. There is no need to tap the little “x” that appears at the end of the word.

Your iPhone’s calander can be a great tool to help you keep organized. You can make it more efficient by directly adding your events rather than using “+” button. When you’re in the “Day” view, tap and then hold the time slot in which you wish to create your event. Fast scheduling will free up more of time.

When your email is tagged to your iPhone, you’ll be alerted to email quickly on your phone. This is essential, because you can receive instant notifications any time a new email arrives, allowing you to read it immediately. You can tag one or various email accounts to your iPhone.

Be choosy when it comes to picking apps you download to your iphone. Some are not legitimate and may charge you hidden fees.

Are you regretting that message you just made with iMessage? Have you ended up with something strange added to your message by Auto Correct? Have no fear! Clearing the information is as simple as gently shaking your iPhone. This feature will undo everything you have recently typed. This feature is optional. You have to verify in Settings to ensure that it is enabled.

You can finish working on your current screen before responding to the notification until you finish. You should know that you can quickly get rid of the notification. You just wipe away the pop-up bar when it appears on your screen.

As you browse webpages, scrolling with a single finger or two fingers is an option. If there are different windows on a webpage, scroll with one finger to look through separate windows with ease. If you use two fingers, you will be able to scroll around an entire page.

If you lack the time to finish emails, rather than closing the email app tap on it to cancel. The device will inquire as to whether you want your unfinished writing to be stored as a draft. This allows you to finish up your email a later time if you have more time.

You can take screenshots with your phone. Simply hold the Home and Sleep buttons simultaneously when you at the screen you want an image of. The screen will briefly flash white, indicating that the screenshot was successful.

You can save typing with the iphone. Go to the main part of the settings sections and then press keyboard shortcuts. This way you can take the most common long words you use over and program them in ahead of time. Then going forward you will have no need to type these words out in full each time.

With Safari, you can do pretty much all of the things you like to do on your browser on your computer; this includes getting images from the Internet. To save a picture, simply tap and hold. You will be given the option of saving the image to the Camera Roll directly on your phone. You can also email the image.

It is very simple to gain access to the iPod controls and favorites quickly. Go to Settings tab, then go to general, then home button. You can then customize by double clicking and selecting the option you need to customize. This is easy process when you know the steps.

Sometimes a hard reset is necessary to get your iPhone working again if it freezes and the Sleep/Wake button does not fix it. All you need to do is press and hold both the power and Home buttons at the same time until the phone resets. This will restart your phone, which will bring up the Apple logo in white.

Hold the Home button for about 5 seconds if your screen is frozen. Doing so will shut down any frozen apps and let you use your phone again. If that fails, try holding down the home and power buttons simultaneously for 10-15 seconds. Only utilize the second tactic is the first doesn’t pan out.

Notifications can be annoying when they interrupt you while you are trying to work on your iPhone. It may be important that you finish your work before you deal with the notification. It’s easy to dismiss an incoming notification. You just wipe away the pop up screen.

Do you tend to text the same people constantly? Save their numbers in your favorites. You can directly message someone from your recent and favorite call lists to text and call people. Simply tap the arrow next to the contact and choose text message. This makes it simpler and faster to get in touch with those whose calls or texts.

One of the most useful features of your iPhone is quite an extensive dictionary incorporated into the iOS. You can use this tool in pretty much any app. All you need to do is tap and hold on any given word and then select “Define” from the options that appear.

If you are klutzy, protect your iphone and purchase a case. Your iphone will easily shatter if you drop it when it’s not in its case. Although a case cannot protect your phone from everything, having your phone in one can increase the odds that your phone will be fine whenever you drop it.

Your iPhone will also you to very quickly retrieve your iPod and other favored features. You just need to visit the “settings” area, then select “general” and finally touch the “home” button. Double click to customize your controls. After double clicking, select the options you want to customize. Following these steps allows you to easily customize your phone.

In the inbox, pulling your fingertip across a message (like crossing an item off a list) will bring up a delete button you can use to instantly get rid of it.

Face Time is a great application for video communication with your iPhone. FaceTime allows you to look at the person you are talking to. You can easily use this by going to the contacts area and searching for the button that says FaceTime. Once it’s pressed, you’ll be able to hear and see the person you’re conversing with.

The most popular features of its best things. You can change your iphone into a convenient universal remote with a free app Blinq TV. The phone may be used to adjust televisions, as well as amps and DVD players. You can also set reminders able to let you when favorite programs are on.

Avoid exposing your iPhone to temperature extremes. Your phone should be used in refrigerated areas. A significant change in temperature causes condensation to form on and in the device, possibly damaging it.

It can be difficult to scroll in a tiny window in Safari from your iphone. You may find it difficult to keep track of where you are on the main webpage by accident. Then use two fingers instead of just one.

Are you interested in backing up your phone contacts? iDrive Lite will let you share and keep track of your contacts. This application is free if your software is at version 2.0.

As you have undoubtedly gleaned from the text above, there’s nothing overly difficult about operating your iphone. As long as you have a few tips and tricks up your sleeve, you can quickly access a wide range of exciting features via your phone. Use the advice you’ve been given here to get the most out of your iphone.

If you’re interested in fully learning how to use your iPhone, consider using Apple’s tutorials. This can give you a simplified way of doing something that takes a long time to figure out. It might seem like a bit of a tedious process, but the tutorials are fun and informative. Just make sure to use them whenever you have an issue.

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