How Can The Iphone Improve Your Life

Many people shopping for new phones are unsure of an iphone. This article will offer various tips to help you become familiar with iphone technology so that can feel comfortable with your smartphone. Read on and learn all about what the iphone can do for great methods of utilizing your phone.

If you get your iPhone wet, try to use rice when drying it out. It is common to drop the phone in a water puddle, the toilet or something wet. If this happens, use a soft towel to dry your iPhone and place it in a bowl of rice. Let it dry overnight.

It is common to drop the phone in a water puddle, a puddle of water or something else wet.Rather than using a dryer, softly wipe the phone and submerge it in a plastic ziptop bag with plenty of rice.

Reduce the brightness of your iPhone screen to conserve battery power. You can accomplish this in your iPhone’s settings area. Doing this means your battery will get drained slower, and this really helps for times you want to keep your phone charged for as long as you can.

Save your valuable battery by lowering the brightness on your iphone. Go to the settings portion of your phone and reduce the illumination level.

There are many useful apps available that transform your iPhone into a storage device for your important files. You can use your phone for many applications like image and video uploads, file uploads and music downloads. All you will need to do is plug your phone into a computer to access the files, or you can open them on your phone.

Siri allows you set location-based reminders. You don’t have to tell Siri to remind you to call your work at 5pm. You can tell Siri to remind you to do something when you reach a certain location like home. The phone will automatically know you are home and give you the reminder. You can still have your reminder if you’re not sure when you’re getting back home.

Speed up your messaging with this trick. When a suggested word pops up on the screen that you don’t want, just tap on the screen and it will disappear. Although the suggestion box has an “x” button for closing the window, you don’t have to use it.

Your iphone can guide you from place to place. You can bookmark the map feature for easy access it easily any time.

If you have Siri on your iPhone, but like to keep your privacy, you maybe not want to continue to use her. Siri quickly records and stores all of your important voice prompts on an internally hosted server. This is to further develop the program’s speech recognition capability, and while the files are supposedly secure, your discussions with Siri may be saved.

Are you tired of the many notifications you receive on your iphone? You can easily turn them off easily. Go to your apps and get rid of anything that you do not use.This will also dramatically increase the life of the phone’s battery.

Your iPhone can provide visual indicators of incoming messages and calls. The LED camera can blink when you have something coming in, silently but noticeably. Access this feature by utilizing the settings menu, and then tapping on “general” then “accessibility”. Then turn on the alert feature titled LED Flash.

It is possible to create an application from your favorite websites. Tap “Go” when you have the site. This will give you the ability to put this site to your home screen.

Upgrade your OS to the version that is most current. Given the complexity of the phone and operating system, these updates may contain security patches, bug fixes and other important tweaks to boost functionality. These updates help to ensure that you are able to access your information, and keep the iPhone functioning properly.

There is an app that transform your iphone into a storage device. With an app like this, you are able to upload pictures, music, music and text files. You can access the files right from your iphone, or link it to another computer to download and access them.

Using the suggested word feature on the iPhone is a waste of time. If you’re texting or using email on your phone, simply tap any part of the screen to get rid of the suggestion box. There is no need to tap the x that appears after every word.

You can snap photos from the cord on your headphones to take an iphone photo. Begin by bringing the photo. When you are ready to snap the picture, press the button that is on the cord. This will take the photograph for you. You can now save the picture like you would normally.

There are many types of reminders available on your iPhone; you have the ability to set up time-based reminders. Did you know you can set reminders that are location-based? You could set a reminder telling you to stop by a certain store after work. The iPhone can use all kinds of reminders that are made for it.

A given webpage can be scrolled through box by using one finger to see each box. Two finger scrolling through the whole page itself.

One of the most useful features on an iPhone is the Calendar function. You can quickly use this tool by directly adding events instead of always using “+” button. In “Day” view mode, time based events can be created by holding your finger on a particular hour. Fast scheduling will give you more time to work with!

The default setting for your iphone will show previews of incoming messages on your lock screen. You may find this annoying rather than convenient. You then turn off the Show Preview option.

To mark messages as unread, it is necessary to locate the hidden command. Open details for the mail in question and click the unread option. When you relaunch your email, the message is now in your inbox and unread.

If you find an image you want to preserve on your phone, just press and hold it on the screen. You can save images to the picture to your camera’s images. You can even copy the photo into a message.

One great suggestion for your iPhone is making use of Facebook. Many people enjoy the fun and social aspect of Facebook, though many do not realize how easy it is to enjoy from their iPhone.

Turn on keyboard clicks ON to hear noise each time a character is entered during texting. This will let you limit the number of mistakes as you are typing.

Think about purchasing an app for battery management. They let you know where and how you are utilizing batter power, in addition to giving you steps you can take to increase the life of your battery. They can also tell you when it is time to calibrate, allowing you to keep your battery healthy.

A personalized ringtone is a great iphone tip is to select your own ringtone. The default ringtones are unoriginal and you will probably think your iphone is ringing when someone else has the crowd. You can use a favorite tune or another sound you giggle. This is a good way to grab people’s attention.

If you do not like Siri’s voice, you can change this to your liking. Go the general settings area and locate Siri. Next, choose French, German or English to serve as Siri’s language. On this screen, you can also select the accent of the Siri app to have various accents as well. The British Siri actually has a male voice.

The iphone offers an extremely useful dictionary that is programed into the iOs of the phone itself. This tool can be used in almost any app. Simply hold your finger on a particular word and choose “define” from the list of options that appears.

Use your phone to send photos to your family and friends. You have two easy options for accomplishing this. The iPhone makes it easy to upload your images to either your email or to your Facebook account.

Contact List

Do you text certain individuals frequently? Add their numbers to your favorites. You can text and call from your recent calls and favorites lists. To text someone, tap the arrow next to their number. Then choose “text message.” You can learn what calls you missed out on and what the people wanted to talk to you about.

You have three different methods to browse through your phone’s contact list. You can drag your contact list using your finger, tap a letter or scroll with your finger. The third way gives you through the entire list quickly.

You can check multiple email accounts on your iPhone by giving renaming each account something different. It can be confusing if you name each account the same thing. The use of unique names will make your emailing quick and effortless.

You don’t need to flick to go though the scroll method to search contacts in your iphone. Begin by pressing your finger to the alphabetized list. Slide your finger up and down. This way you have more control your contact list.

Do you find it necessary to back up all of the contacts on your iPhone? Your contacts can be restored with an app known as iDrive Lite. If you update your firmware to 2.0 before backing up your contacts, then the app is free.

A good way for communicating on your iphone to communicate is with FaceTime. It lets you see the person they are talking to while having a conversation. You can use it by going to the contacts area and choosing to start a FaceTime call.

When you aren’t using your iPhone, try keeping your screen as dim as possible. Illuminating the screen is one of the biggest power drains on the iPhone and the screen settings have a real impact on battery life. Having a darker screen will make your battery last longer.

Hold the home button down if your screen is frozen. Doing this will reboot your iphone. If it still doesn’t work, try holding down the home and power buttons simultaneously for 10-15 seconds. Only use the second method when the initial one isn’t working.

Has your device frozen on you? Hold the home and sleep buttons for an extended period of time to get your iPhone to respond. This will force any locked apps to close. If you still have no luck, depress the Sleep and Home buttons together for roughly ten seconds. The device will instantly reset and an Apple logo will be present.

You should now have a better idea of all the things your iphone can do. People can easily be confused about new apps and don’t know what their phone can do. Having read this article, you now have a full understanding of your iphone and have nothing to be confused about.

Make sure that you do not load too many movies on your iPhone. One movie can take up to 1g of space on your iPhone, which can slow it down. If you have more than one on your phone it can cause websites to crash. It may also interfere with the ways apps operate.

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